We worked on incredible projects. Here are some of them.

Ronald McDonald Foundation

The Ronald McDonald Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by McDonald’s in 1991 with the aim of assisting children with illnesses and providing spaces for them and their families. The purpose of this app was to offer these families an easy-to-use mobile application built with Flutter, where they can view all the services that McDonald’s can provide them when they are staying in some of their spaces, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. The mobile app also features chat integration, where families can communicate with the centers if they need anything, thus providing support during this process.

Trendio Beauty

Trendio is a social video and streaming app focused on beauty, connecting customers with high-quality products through entertaining video content. Our clients aim to help their users discover new products they’ll love, recommended by real people they can trust. They handpick creators who prepare engaging content and recommend high-quality, trustworthy products. With an interface similar to TikTok, users can scroll and view entertaining beauty-related content, where they can see the products being used and purchase them through its integrated e-commerce.

Celering Movility

Celering offers travel times better than traditional public transportation, and can even enhance the efficiency of a public transportation network with the same convenience of using a private car and at a lower cost. Additionally, it reduces pollution in cities. Celering has two mobile applications, one for the end user and one for the driver, which incorporate navigation services to improve transportation times within cities.


Adaral is the first collaborative platform for offices and professional businesses. Adaral helps you grow your business by automating the invoice flow with clients, teams, or departments, working collaboratively. Adaral is an application for Android, iOS, and the web that allows small and medium-sized enterprises and financial advisors to easily interact and provide daily data. The application includes features such as document scanning, encrypted documents, and complex graphs that work together to create a unique user experience.


Apprecio has everything you could need for your store. It features benefits such as a cash register where you can record all your income and expenses, and you can also view a customized report of them. In the price comparison section, you can see the average purchase price from the supplier and the suggested selling price. Here, you can also calculate your profit margin. You can add different collaborators so we can grow the store together. And last but not least, you have a section where you can receive payments with the lowest commission in the market.


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