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Aliados de tu producto Flutter

We are specialists in the development of digital products to help you implement your business ideas or projects, reliably and quickly, through the use of Flutter technology. 


What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open source framework developed by Google to create native applications easily, quickly and simply. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it generates 100% native code for each platform, with which the performance and UX are totally identical to traditional native applications.

You're a:


Do you want to take your business idea further and make the digital strategy your growth lever?

Established company

Are you at the forefront and have you defined a new project that will maximize your strategic plan? You don't have an R&D area and you want to have the most experts in development?

Company tech

Do you need specialist profiles in Flutter? 

Some of our projects

Our work


Gamifying water sports

Spanish leading social app for water sports 

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Using IoT on the medical field

IoT solution for medicament dosis 

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Disruption on coaching consulting

Private chat for life and habits consultancy

Have worked with us



I went to FlutterLab to make the MVP of my app for iOS and Android. They advised me with the product, and helped us develop the app in record time

Antonio Rebolledo

CEO inbizi

FlutterLab is without a doubt the best ally to develop mobile and web applications. They are experts in Flutter and the level of service provided is the best possible. With FlutterLab not only projects are developed but learning is generated and the project is taken a step further. Without a doubt they exceeded my expectations.

Andoni Perez

Product owner reos

Excellent team of professionals. Alberto and his team helped us build our project from scratch. 

After a long search for the best development team for our project, we found the key!


Our process

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How can FlutterLab help you?

In this way we can co-create with you:

Expand your Team

Do you have a Flutter team but need extra strength or more experience? Our experts can align with your team, dates and processes to meet your goals. It is more than an extra template, it is an association.

Become your team

Do you have the vision but need the execution? We have the team and experience to build a Flutter product from start to finish. Whether it's a mobile or web app, we can take any product from idea to reality. We are agile developing digital products quickly and iteratively.

Our history

From the creation of Startups to experts in product development

After the creation of several Startups of digital products, we find ourselves with the problem of having a wide range of technologies to develop digital products, something that can be intimidating for a Startup where resources are limited.
For this reason and thanks to our love for digital products, we decided to found FlutterLab, in order to simplify the development of both mobile and web software, creating effective, fast and scalable products with the use of Flutter. 

Our values

Our essence
Our values

People first

We care about people, before the product and benefit

Always learning

We prioritize listening, learning and growing

Trust is everything

We are committed to honesty, transparency and ethics

We dream big

 We push ourselves towards excellence

Your success is ours

We function as partners, as one more in your team

Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Flutter is a technology that allows you to build natively compiled apps for mobile, web, and desktop from a single code base. It was launched on the market by Google and published for the first time as an open source project at the end of 2018. It is currently one of the fastest growing mobile application development projects in the world.  

Compile in native, both on Android and iOS.
1. The creation of graphical interfaces It is very flexible, since you can combine different Widgets (graphic elements) to create the views.
2. The development is very fast, allowing you to see the result instantly while writing the code.